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About Finka

For so long I thought I had to change who I was in order to fit into the world. I wanted to be seen as being the right kind of person who delivered results, met clients’ needs and never relented in order to be valued at my work.

Nothing brought this to light more than when I was working for a company that asked me to lead a sales team using the most aggressive and ‘traditional’ sales processes. It was the constant ‘always be closing’, mosquito-style pesky persistence and fear-based selling that left me feeling terrible about my work and myself.

I knew there had to be a better way – a better way to connect with clients, create solutions that solved their problems and feel good about sharing what I had to offer.

For the past twelve years, working with more than ten thousand leaders, sales professionals and entrepreneurs – from Fortune 500 to large corporate and small business – I successfully developed and taught what I’d intuitively discovered: that I had to shift from transactional to transformational selling in order to Sell From Love. 

Sell From Love is built on my more than two-decade career in sales and a foundation of research that includes 235 global interviews with entrepreneurs, financial advisors, coaches, consultants and service-based professionals. I’ve participated in more than 800 coaching sessions, observing leaders directly coaching their sales teams and helping them improve their sales coaching skills so that their teams could sell with confidence, build client loyalty and grow their business.

Selling from love is a business strategy unlike any other. You can be a good person, do good work and make good money doing it! Sell From Love will help you get more clients, grow your business and make a meaningful impact on others.

I feel truly blessed and honoured to have the opportunity to bring you Sell From Love so you can align your purpose, your client and your offer – authentically.

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