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selling from fear

How I got caught selling from fear.

I didn’t know happened. I had been confident, and committed to my plan, now I was flooded with frenetic energy and ideas. Now I was selling from fear.
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The Crucial Role You Play in Your Client’s Life

In sales there's the value your client is getting because you’re helping them solve a problem and there’s what you’re getting.
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sell from love

Sell is not a Bad Four-Letter Word

When you think of the word ‘sales’ or ‘selling’ what comes to mind? Why is there a negative connotation and how do we overcome it?
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Sell From Love

Two Types of Selling— Which one do you use?

There are two ways to sell. You can either sell from love or you can sell from fear. What would it look like to sell from love? Where are you selling from?
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Tension and Pressure

Navigating the Tension and Pressure of Creativity.

Over the past 2 weeks I've felt both. The tension of making something new and the pressure to get it just right.
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to be yourself

Overcome the struggle to be yourself and grow your business.

We're about six weeks into 2021 and I've already worked with 5 different companies helping them figure out how to work better together.
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The #1 Obstacle in the Way Is… Confidence

I wasn't always confident in myself. And if I'm going to be honest with you there are still moments where I lack confidence and belief in myself.
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Sales Meeting

What Are You Really Selling?

Here's something I've learned that has completely transformed how I do business: people don’t care about your stuff; they care how your stuff will help them get their stuff.
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3 Reasons Why Listening is Hard.

Listening is underrated and undervalued. This is a problem because listening is the #1 skill clients are seeking from us.
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