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Join the Community

We’re building a better way to sell, work & live – together.

Putting yourself out there, running a business or standing up in your leadership takes courage, conviction and commitment.

You don’t need to go it alone.

The Sell from Love Community is a group of like-minded and like-spirited leaders, business owners and professionals who are devoted to earning more money, expanding their reach and making a bigger impact.

This is a community available to support the implementation of your ideas and stay dedicated to your quest to Sell From Love.

When you learn to Sell From Love you will not only transform the way you live, work and sell, you will also learn how to:

  • Love yourself.
  • Claim your value.
  • Honour your talents, skills and unique gifts.
  • Move from comfort to courage.
  • Be present and curious.
  • See the world through someone else’s eyes.
  • Turn a transaction into a transformation.
  • Craft a message that others will understand.
  • Be seen and make yourself visible.
  • Create purpose and more meaning in your work.

The Sell from Love Community will help you stay anchored and connected as you continue learning how to Sell From Love.

Live Coaching

Connect with Finka in a live monthly group Q&A call where you can ask anything.

Learn how to get clients without compromising who you are, what you’re selling or who you’re selling to. It’s time to make a bigger impact with integrity, courage and love.


Interactive Practice Guide

Along with your monthly group coaching call, you’ll have access to a specially curated practice guide based on the Sell From Love principles. 

You will be inspired to immediately implement your insights and ideas.

Alignment Zone Meditations

Receive monthly meditations that help you stay connected to goals, clear on your decisions and conscious of your actions.

A new meditation is available every month that will help you show up with more authenticity, empathy, integrity and courage.

PS: The Sell From Love Community is FREE to join! Yes, free!
Each month, you’ll receive:

Live group coaching session with Finka.
Interactive practice guide.
Alignment Meditations.

Monthly Coaching Topics:

Each month, we’ll go deep into a specific component from the Sell From Love principles. You’ll have an opportunity to explore how you can love yourself, love your client and love your offer in new ways that will help you overcome the gaps that are keeping you from achieving the success you want and deserve.

Love Yourself


Fall in love with you so you can love who you already are. Appreciate your gifts and use them to make a difference in your work.


Find words you love. Gain clarity and confidence to articulate your value and impact.


Move from comfort to courage with love. Overcome fear, uncertainty and doubt and take action from your courage zone.


Use self-love to create comfort in your courage zone. Learn to leverage compassion and self care as a sales and leadership strategy.

Love Your Client


Master the selling love skills. Connect with clients from a place of curiosity, ease and sincerity.


Fall in love with your client. Build strong and meaningful relationships by learning how to see the world through your clients’ eyes.


Love the transformation, not only the transaction. Create change and deliver value-add impact to your clients.


Craft messages that are understood and inspire action from your clients.

Love Your Offer


Fall in love with your offer. Get more meaning and fulfillment from your work.


Make it easy for clients to find a way to love you. Be seen and heard by your ideal clients.


Make it even easier for your client to spread the love. Leverage your advocates to magnetically attract new clients.


Be open and willing to receive love. Claim your true value and be compensated for the real worth you deserve.

Stop going it alone.
Start connecting and collaborating for greater success and impact.

I look forward to seeing you in the Sell From Love Community where together, we will build a better way to sell, work and live.