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A better way to lead, work & live.
I teach clients to lead from love.
Love Yourself ~ Love your Team ~ Love your Purpose

Good leaders want everyone to be better.

Workshops & Keynotes
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Uncover Your Brilliant Difference

Sell From Love

Workshops & Keynotes
Uncover Your Brilliant Difference for Leaders

The problem with trying to be like everyone else is that you get lost in the noise of your industry.

What makes you unique will make you successful.

  • Get clear on your unique talents, expertise and personal strengths.
  • Understand the one personality trait that keeps you stuck.
  • Learn to leverage your Brilliant Difference to grow your business and move forward in your career.
The goal of this workshop is to clearly define what makes you unique, and then amplify those strengths.
Uncover Your Brilliant Difference for Leaders will help you:
  • Communicate more persuasively and authentically with a clear message that inspires action.
  • Build more powerful relationships that lead to better networking and sales opportunities.
  • Improve key areas of performance and grow your profits!
“I loved this program!! I have already suggested we leverage your program at one of our national sales meetings. I thoroughly enjoyed this and got so much out of it. Finka you are an amazing presenter!”

The number one reason teams get stuck?

People on the team disconnect because they feel like they aren’t being heard, and the skills and expertise they have to offer are being ignored or discounted.

What makes your team unique, will make your business successful.

  • Identify new areas of potential for employees and inspire each person on the team to perform at their best.
  • Identify which traits are keeping each person from achieving their specific business goal.
  • Learn to leverage these strengths and differences so all lines of your business are working seamlessly together to knock down silos!

When you understand how the unique skills and expertise on your team can be used in a positive and constructive way, your growth can be exponential.

Uncover Your Brilliant Difference for Teams will:

  • Improve communication.
  • Reduce team conflict.
  • Increase leadership and team effectiveness.
  • Recognize untapped potential in current team members.
  • Build trust and stronger relationships.
  • Align to a common vision and purpose.
“This session was gold!”
Uncover Your Brilliant Difference for Teams
Sell From Love for Leaders

We all have selling blind spots.

Gaps in our vision that keep us from achieving a level of success we want.

A better way to sell, coach & lead. 

  • Understand how your leadership style influences and impacts your coaching and team engagement.
  • Demonstrate the five core coaching skills that will improve employee performance and business results.
  • Learn how to create a coaching environment that helps you get the best out of your team.

Bridge the gap with integrity, courage and love.


Sell From Love for Leaders Workshop will:

  • Upgrade your coaching skills.
  • Increase team engagement.
  • Inspire your team to take action.
  • Elevate performance and results.
  • Unlock your team’s potential.
  • Increase client loyalty and sales revenue.
“My team is benefiting from my increased confidence as a leader and the empowerment I am passing to them in our coaching. Finka did a fantastic job. She helped me to think faster and talk slower which was a huge advance for me. Finka is a great listener and I believe a lot of her strength comes from her background as a high performing sales leader. She is patient and courteous and creates a safe environment to learn and test. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from her.”
- GEOFF C. -

There is a gap between who you are and the clients you attract.  Closing a sale is not a one-way street. By focusing on the sales transaction you are limiting your clients’ transformation.

Shift from transactional selling to transformational selling.

  • Overcome fear, uncertainty and doubt that holds you back from selling and marketing yourself and your services.
  • Finally have the tools to manage the fear that keeps you from asking for business and promoting yourself, your work and your services.
  • Learn how to communicate the full impact and value your clients receive from your offer.
  • Exponentially increase the significance of the product, service and expertise you deliver.

Sell From Love for Teams will:

  • Build trust and accountability.
  • Improve personal confidence.
  • Increase client loyalty and revenue.
  • Boost focus and time management.
  • Elevate the quality of your client conversations and strengthen loyalty.
“I have a new direction on ways of selling myself. I walked away with an understanding how to produce confidence through my own ability. Finka delivered an excellent program which engaged with all our team members.”
Sell From Love for Teams
Sales Meeting

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Module 07Design a Marketing Strategy that Feels Good

The goal of this module is to make your Brilliant Difference and Most Important Thing Offer – VISIBLE.

There’s a saying, build it and they will come. We wish that it worked this way, rather fear does; because then we wouldn’t have to put our selves out there, up for judgement and rejection. Sharing your work, your services and expertise can be scary. But when we come from a place of love, as author Susan Jeffers says we “feel the fear and do it anyway.”

That is how we sell from love. We acknowledge fears presence and at the same time we take action that is aligned to our deepest desire and highest potential and possibility.

In this module we talk about the journey of making you and your offer visible to your clients and the milestones along the way, that will ultimately get you both to a place of saying YES, to working with each other.

Visibility is an option you decide on. My hope after this module is that you make a decision to be visible, in a way that feels good to you and is on the edge of your comfort zone. We need more of you, your Brilliant Difference and your work out in the world. Let’s help your ideal clients find you by showing them where you are.

In this Module you will:

Module 06Craft a Compelling Offer

The goal of this module is to clarify and confirm your most important thing – your offer.  In essence, it is what are you selling that you will use to serve your clients with and help facilitate the transformations they are seeking.

There are two important parts of the offer conversation we need to highlight here –

  • What are you offering to your clients – what are they getting?
  • What your clients are offering to you – what you are receiving for extending that offer?

Fear as a tendency to get in the way when we get to this part of the selling process.  But, not anymore, because you’re seeing that your offer is not about you, it’s about your clients and what they will get as a result of working with you.

In this Module you will:

Module 05Define Your Clients’ Transaction to Transformation Story

The goal of this module is to help you identify what is really happening when you sell. There’s the thing you are selling, and then there’s the thing your client is buying. What are the differences? And how do you not let selling from fear interfere and water down your transformation to a transaction.

At every stage of selling, fear has an opportunity to enter, this is even more prevalent when we are engaging and enrolling a client into our offers. This module is all about getting you aligned to what you are really selling – a transformation and giving you the tools to communicate that to your clients. This way you and your client are on the same page with what you are selling and what they are buying.

In this Module you will:

Module 04Discover Your Essential Client Conversation Skills

The goal of this module is to help you learn and understand how to create an environment that facilitates trust, connection, and confidence with your clients.  You play a critical role in making this happen for yourself and your clients, so fear does not get in the way of your intentions and impact.  In this module you’ll learn how to create a safe space for your clients that help them choose you as their trusted adviser.  You’ll also walk away with the most important conversation skills you need to that will help you do that.

In this Module you will:

Module 03Use Love as a Sales Strategy

The goal of this module is to help you move from your comfort zone and into your courage zone with love. Selling is filled with opportunities for fear to poke its head up inevitably holding you back from sharing your work and making the impact you know you are here to make. This is why we need to acknowledge that fear will be there, especially in times when you’re doing something you’ve never done before or reaching for goals you’ve never set out to accomplish before. This module is all about equipping you with the right tools to move forward with confidence, elegance, and ease.

In this Module you will:

Module 02Claim Your Brilliant Difference

The goal of this module is to help you discover and name your Brilliant Difference. This uniqueness you bring is here to add value and make change in the world. It’s here to make the word a better place. Focusing on who you are and finding the words to articulate your Brilliant Difference is fundamental to loving yourself, the first pillar to sell from love.
In this Module you will:

Module 01Unlock the Power of Love

The goal of this module is to increase awareness of when you are selling from love vs. fear and how embracing a new definition of selling will help you move closer to love.  Plus, you’ll learn all about how to manage the fears you face every time you market yourself and your business, make offers to sell your products and services, start on a new project or business idea.

In this Module you will: