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A better way to sell, work & live.
Sell with confidence, attract clients magnetically & build a business you love.

#1 Amazon Hot New Release and Bestseller in Sales & Selling - November 2020.

#1 Amazon Hot New Release and Bestseller in Sales & Selling - November 2020.

Entrepreneurs, small business owners and corporate sales leaders...

We all have selling blind spots.

These are gaps in our vision that keep us from achieving a level of success we want.
You > Yourself
A gap between who you are to yourself and who you are to everyone else.
You don’t need to be anyone other than yourself, nor do you need to sell like anyone else. Understanding who you are will help you sell with more confidence.
You > Yourself
You > Your Client
A gap between who you are and the clients you attract.
Closing a sale is not a one-way street. Focusing on your client's transformation vs. the sales transaction will help you effortlessly connect and engage with clients.
You > Your Client
You > Your Offering
A gap between who you are and what you're offering.
Your offer provides a solution to your client's problem and is an extension of your purpose. Reframing your offer as a vehicle you use to make a difference to your clients and the world will expand your impact and bring more meaning to your work.
You > Your Offering

Want to be more confident and get more clients?

Take this 5-minute assessment and discover what is standing in the way of you selling with confidence, attracting ideal clients, and growing your business and impact.

Sell from Love teaches you to shift...

from transactional selling to transformational selling.

Earn more money.
Expand your reach.
Make a bigger impact.

Sell from Love will teach you how to:

Use your unique gifts, talents and expertise to build a business you love.

Navigate confidently through selling fears, uncertainties and doubt.

Attract clients magnetically, promote with integrity and sell with ease.

Close sales naturally while finding more purpose and meaning in your work.

“Finka is an amazing coach and leader. During my time in her program, I was able to build and create new service offerings for my clients, secure speaking engagements and develop consistency in my business development approach.”

JeNae Johnson
Workplace Equity Strategist | Human Capital Consultant | Enterprise Change Specialist


Hi, I'm Finka

For so long I thought I had to change who I was in order to fit into the world. I wanted to be seen as being the right kind of person who delivered results, met clients’ needs and never relented in order to be valued at my work.

Nothing brought this to light more than when I was working for a company that asked me to lead a sales team using the most aggressive and ‘traditional’ sales processes. It was the constant ‘always be closing’, ‘mosquito-style pesky persistence’ and fear-based selling that left me feeling terrible about my work and myself.

I knew there had to be a better way – a better way to connect with clients, create solutions that solved their problems and feel good about sharing what I had to offer.

For the past twelve years working with more than ten thousand leaders, sales professionals and entrepreneurs – from Fortune 500 to small businesses – I successfully developed and taught what I’d intuitively discovered: that I had to shift from transactional to transformational selling in order to sell from love.

There is a better way to sell, work and live!

If you’re ready to experience greater meaning in your work, reach the right clients and offer a valuable solution that people need, I can help you.

I’m ready when you are.

With love,

SELL is not a bad four-letter word.

Sell From Love...

is better way to live, work and sell.