Episode 44: 3 Mistakes to Avoid to Get More Sales

Today in this episode I want to share some of the key learnings I have had transitioning from a 20 + year career in corporate to running my own coaching and learning company. There have been some big misses and I hope to share some of the thorns I got pricked with so you could learn from my mistakes and get a leg up from here.

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Episode 43: How to overcome comparisitis

Do you compare yourself to others? Do you look at what they have going on and think you’re less than or not good enough because you don’t have as many followers, connections, or a fancy Instagram page like they do? The objective of this episode is for you to stop feeling bad about getting bitten by the bug of comparisitis. Instead, I want to offer you a way to use it to help you feel better about yourself and your business.

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Episode 42: Stop Breaking Promises You Make to Yourself

The promises you make to yourself are the most important ones you are making. When you break them, you short-change yourself and the rest of us. You see, your promises are your big dreams, aspirations, and goals. They are who you see yourself becoming, but fear intervenes and interrupts your current self from ever taking action to becoming who you see yourself being.

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Episode 41: Finding Confidence in the Most Surprising Places

I believe that the degree to which we love ourselves informs and influences how much confidence we feel and the confidence we project. The first pillar to Sell From Love is to Love Yourself. It is foundational. When you learn how to love yourself, fully and completely no matter what faults or follies you see, you will have access to a limitless well of confidence. We dive deeper into this topic for this episode.

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Episode 40: How to keep going when you’re afraid

You’ve got this thing you want to offer your clients- a course, coaching program, or workshop. You know it will change their life AND at the same time you are worried if anyone will be interested or sign up, you’re struggling to manage the overwhelming fear you are feeling, or you’re flooded with so much doubt you’re asking yourself who are you to be teaching this workshop or running this coaching program?

Well don’t fret we got you covered in this week’s episode.

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Episode 38: Change Your Life By Selling From Love

Welcome to episode 38. In this episode I will be talking about how learning to sell from love can change your life!

What if you could use selling to not only bring you in more money, but also bring you more happiness, success and fulfillment to your business and life?

Selling with love can not only earn more profit in your business, reach more clients, and make a bigger impact but it can also bring you the happiness, success, and fulfillment you deserve.

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